Best Taboo Porn Genres You've Been Missing Out

Hi folks! The term 'taboo' reminds us of the social bondages that stop us from moving forward. And if you think that, sex is free from such taboos, since it is the ground of biological need, you are pathetically wrong. For instance, incest is still treated as a taboo. I understand that neither biology nor medical science support having a baby in an incest relationship. But behind that, there are certainly valid and logical reasons.  Having sex with any of your family members is not a real issue, and is not supposed to be treated as a forbidden affair. Instead, what it could be called is unusual.


 In popular mainstream porn sites, you'll find some good incest or taboo porn videos. And apart from that, there are taboo porn sites, specifically for incest and milf porn.


Incest sex is unusual, for it happens rarely. But it can never be called abnormal. Let’s talk about heterosexual orientation, a straight guy or girl who grows up in a family, the first opposite-sex persons they get to know is their family members of course! Their parents and siblings were the only options they had to be attracted sexually. Unknowingly, their body and mind start craving that person sexually when the sex hormones start to develop in them. This is called the Oedipus complex. This is responsible for incest, and the possessiveness one feels when they see the person, they kept fantasizing about is involved sexually with someone else. The Shakespearean play 'Hamlet' is an ideal example of the Oedipus complex.


Now there are certain parts in the main incest genre, such as milf, stepmom and stepson, brother-sister, father and stepdaughter etc. Among all these, milf and siblings’ sex are the two most popular genres of incest porn. MILF stands for “mom I’d like to fuck”, it’s an expression that denotes the sexual tension between stepmom and son. Although most porn videos, shows the relationship between two partners are mostly stepson and stepmom, that's not necessarily the case. One can get involved in a sexual relationship with their son or mom and vice versa. There are some of the best MILF pornsites, where great quality milf porn is available without the presence of taboo. You can check those out sometime!


Talking about sibling porn, it feels more realistic than other incest porn. Because siblings tend to develop a sexual attraction to each other since they grow up together sharing almost the same mindset. The little age gap allows and lures them to fall into the sex trap of incest easily. It’s common to form a sexual affair between siblings, even if they're not stepbrothers and sisters.


It’s high time to realize that these kinds of sexual affairs are unusual but normal. Just because something is rare, doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be bad. We must accept things as they are, without trying to fix them forcefully. Life would be easier and happy.



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5 Dick Pic Rules

If you really send a girl a photo of a penis, then do it according to all the rules of modern etiquette.

Humanity does not stand still: first it invented the wheel, then the locomotive, and then the dick picsBut the rules for the competent handling of inventions appear, as a rule, a little later than the inventions themselves, after several thousand people have suffered in the process of creating these rules.

It's the same with dick pics. When they first appeared, individual owners of wilds began to shower with their lances all women from the list of contacts and from milf cams giving these women a few seconds of dubious life experience. It is not surprising that a program was even created to protect women from dick pics on social networks.

But, fortunately, mankind is gradually mastering the competent handling of dick pics. After all, sending dick pics is, in essence, a good thing, and sometimes even a good one. If you follow these five simple rules.

Always Ask If A Girl Wants To Get A Dick Pic

Of course, if you've been dating for a couple of years now, you can send her a dick at almost any moment of the day or night. (But preferably not during a quarrel - this can only provoke her, and in a bad sense of the word). In all other cases, you should be interested in whether the girl is in the mood at the moment to contemplate the intimate parts of your being.

And, of course, never - you hear, never! - do not send a dick pic to a stranger. Even if you think it will stir up the conversation on the dating site. Not!

For the sake of fairness, let's say: in one out of a thousand cases, such a call can work. But before that, you will be simultaneously blocked 999 times, added to the blacklist, and then they will also share your profile in a closed girl group so that others can immediately swipe you to the left.

Provide The Prelude To The Dick Pic

If you get permission to send a dick, tease the girl. You do not need to immediately send her a close-up of the penis full-face and in profile - get it, sign it. No. Start from afar: first came to a photo of unbuttoned jeans, then panties, and only then ... You get it.

Create intrigue, even if the ending is obvious. Intrigue has never stood in the way of sexual tension.

Take Care Of The Context

By "context" it meant everything that gets into the picture, except for the actual penis. Panties, bed linen - everything should be clean and dispose the girl to further acquaintance in reality. Or, if you already know each other (by "familiar" means sex), continue dating.

So, if you do a dick pic in the reflection in the mirror, make sure that it is clean, not splattered with spots of suspicious origin. If you make a dick pic in the toilet, make sure that the toilet does not appear in the photo from any angle. And if you do a dick pic on the street ... Although, perhaps, never do a d-pick on the street.

Use Your Body

In our climate, which does not involve the year-round beach and half-naked basketball games, going to the gym loses a bit of meaning. Men think like this: why be beautiful and pumped up, if the opportunity to demonstrate their beauty and pumped up is virtually absent? So, dick pic is a great opportunity!

Nobody said that the dick pic should only have a penis? Yes, it is the aesthetic center of the composition, its climax, so to speak. But the environment of the penis is also important. And if your belly is not devoid of cubes, and your chest - pectoralis major and minor, use it!


Turn A Dick Pic Into A Dick Vid

What makes photography different from the video? Besides the fact that the first is static and the second is moving? That's right, sound. Therefore, there is no better way to diversify your dick pic than to record dick it sounds.

What will be the sound, you decide. This can be a factual accompaniment of the material: "Look, my penis sends you hello!" Or just your breathing quickened with excitement. The main thing is that the sound will help you to use another organ of the girl's senses. And this is worth a lot in our times. And at any time, to be honest.